The judge panel for the 2017 competition will be announced here as the finals approach.

The judge panel for the 2016 competition is outlined below.


Egle Spokaite, Lithuania / USA

Prima Ballerina of the Lithuanian National Opera and ballet theater (1989–2011) who won numerous international ballet competitions. Artistic director of “Egle Spokaitė Ballet School”. Actress, choreographer and public speaker. Winner of the Lithuanian National Prize, as well as other numerous awards and honors. Lives and works in Vilnius and San Diego. Egle is an organizer of the Vilnius Youth Ballet Competition. More…

Lita Beiris - Latvia

Lita Beiris, Latvia

Graduated from Riga School of Choreography in 1970. 1970 – 1996 danced as a soloist with Latvian National Opera (LNO), and became a laureate of Varna (Bulgaria) International Ballet Competition in 1980. 1992 – 1993 was head of the Latvian National Opera’s ballet troupe.
In 1994, Lita graduated from Moscow’s A. Lunacharsky Drama Theater institute. Since 1995 Lita Beiris is organizing and leading the famous international “Baltic Ballet Festival” – extremely popular in the Baltic region and the ballet world in general. Lita Beiris is the president of the Association of Ballet Professionals, as well as a very prolific choreographer. More …


Marie Christine Favre, France

The artistic director of the Ballet-Etudes MC Favre ballet school in Lyon, France. Founder and Artistic Director of the famous Lyon-based International “Odyssée de la Danse” ballet competition for many years. Choreography Expert and Jury member for a number of international competitions and French Ballet High Schools.

In French

Formée à Lyon puis à Paris avec Solange GOLOVINE qui fut son maitre Marie-Christine Favre se tourna très vite vers l’enseignement et ouvrit son Ecole « Ballet-Etudes MC FAVRE ». MC FAVRE est directrice du Concours International « Odyssée de la Danse » qui fêtera cette année ses 20 ans. Ce concours rassemble des danseurs de toutes nationalités , Russie , Espagne et Lituanie !!! Le Ballet-Etudes est jumelé avec l’école Française de Ballet de Mexico et les danseurs du Ballet-Etudes se sont déplacés ces dernières années en Espagne ,au Portugal, au Mexique, en Pologne et en Russie. Elle participe comme jury au Concours de Mexico , aux examens des Conservatoires. MC FAVRE est également licenciée en Lettres Classiques de l’Université de Lyon


Anastasija Ciumakova, Russia / Lithuania

Anastasia Chumakova graduated from Perm (Russia) Ballet School and became the soloist of the Chelyabinsk Academic Opera and Ballet theatre. A. Chumakova has been invited under the contract to the Cairo National Opera where she worked for 1 year. In 2002-2005 she danced as the first soloist in Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, Russia. 2005-2008 seasons Anastasija worked with “LA CLASSIQUE” company, Moscow Ballet. Since 2008 is a member of Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Company as a principal dancer. A. Chumakova was a finalist of the first international ballet competition in Kazan, Russia 2001 (diploma, press prize “For talent to be seen”) and the winner of the first award at the first All-Russia ballet competition in Krasnodar, Russia 2004. In 2009 A. Chumakova was a recipient of the “Švyturys” Award as the Female Ballet Soloist of the Year and in 2015 was awarded the “Golden Cross of the Stage” Award of Lithuania. More


Ruta Kudzmaite, Lithuania

Soloist of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre 1990-2011. Ruta holds Master’s degree in ballet from The Lithuanian Academy of Music. She lectured at the faculty of dance pedagogy at the University of Applied Science from 2007 until 2015. Ruta lectures at The Lithuanian Academy of Music since 2015, teaching classical and characteristic dance.

Dainius Bervingis

Dainius Bervingis, Lithuania

Choreographer. Graduated with the B.A. degree in choreography from Klaipeda University, Lithuania. Former dancer of the Kaunas National Musical Theater, who created numerous roles and characters there. From 2005 through 2015 was an artistic director of the Kaunas National Musical Theater’s ballet troupe. More…


Beata Molyte, Lithuania

The Graduate of the M.K.Ciurlionis School for the Arts. at the age 16 started working at the Klaipėda National musical theater, where she is currently building her ballet career. Beata has created numerous roles at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, A.Cholina theatre, Kaunas national music theatre, Padi Dapi Fish dance theatre. Beata is a recipient of the stipend of Lithuanian ministry of Culture, “Golden Stage Cross” laureate. She is studying the art of Flamenco for the last 9 years, teaches Flamenco to Adult and children groups, leads dance workshops.

Henrieta Ignataviciene

Henrita Ignataviciene, Lithuania

Teacher of the classical ballet. In 1986 m. graduated from the M.K.Ciurlionis School for the Arts – ballet section and holds the Ballet Artists qualification. while still a student in 1985 m. she has already intern shipped at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre. In 1988 m. she graduated from the two-year program at Moscow Choreography Academy. From 1998 through 2015 served as a ballet teacher at M.K.Čiurlionis School for the Arts. Received Bachelor’s (BA) degree in Choreography from Klaipeda University, Lithuania. Since 2015, she teaches at Egle Spokaite Ballet School.

Ausra Gineityte

Ausra Gineityte, Lithuania

Soloist of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater (1980–2001). Also created roles at the A.Cholina dance theater „A|CH”, as well as at J.Smoriginas theatre „Vilniaus baletas“. She teaches at National M.K. Ciurlionis School for the arts since 1995.


Jolanta Vymeryte, Lithuania

One of the most prominent educators of Lithuania Ballet, Jolanta graduated from M.K.Ciurlionio High School in 1983, choreography section. from Moscow Academic School of Choreography in 1986, Russian Academy of Theatre Arts in 1994 and holds Master’s degree Art Studies. Since 1987, she is a Ballet Teacher and the Lithuanian National M.K.Ciurlionis School for the Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania). Jolanta is an active choreographer, teacher, consultant. also working at Egle Spokaite School of Ballet and has a wealth of experience organizing art projects. She also acts as an educator of the “East Culture Meets West Culture” project under Erasmus programme in Paris.

beatrice-Tomaseviciene ziuri

Beatrice Tomaseviciene, Lithuania

One of the most active and sophisticated ballet educators in Lithuania. Beatrice Teaches at National M.K. Ciurlionis School for the Arts as well as at Egle Spokaite Ballet School. She was educated at the Russian Academy for the Theatre Arts (GITIS), Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, Ballet Liceum of Moscow, Russia.

Beatrice took part in most of the significant ballet seminars and professional improvement courses. Founder, director and teacher of the „Flamenco Academy“. Beatrice established her reputation over the years of the Teacher whose students move to win International ballet competitions as well as become dancers and soloists of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater.

Audrone Domeikiene

Audrone Sarokaite-Domeikiene, Lithuania

Soloist of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre 1972-1998. Graduated from Lithuanian Cinema and Theatre academy in 2005 with Bachelor’s degree in choreography ( Classical dance studies. She teaches at the National M.K. Čiurlionis school for the arts since 1995 where she is currently a ballet educator and senior teacher. A. Sarokaitė Domeikienė supervised 4 graduate classes of alumni there so far. Her students are highly successful dancers of Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet theatre, Tartu ( Latvia ) ” Vainemunes” theatre, National opera of Finland, musical theaters of Klaipeda and Kaunas. In 2005 Audrone was awarded the “Golden Cross of stage” for her pivotal role in the staging of ballet for children “Peter Pan”


Deimante Karpusenkoviene, Lithuania

Attended J. Naujalis music school in Kaunas, Lithuania, and graduated from M.K.Ciurlionis School for the arts in Vilnius with the Ballet Artist’s Diploma. In 2009, Deimante Graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theater academy with Bachelor’s degree in Choreography as well as Master’s degree.

Since 1986 Deimante is performing at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater. 1991 – 1999 she was part of the “Ballet Classiquede Paris” European tours. Since 1998 performed with the Anželika Cholina Dance Theater stagings of “Women songs” and “Romeo and Juliet”, as well as the stagings of J. Smoriginas’s “Letters to M.K.Ciurlionis” and “The home of Alba”. Deimante is a lecturer at the National M.K.Ciurlionis School for the Arts since 2008.


Svetlana Jaseviciene, Lithuania

Group rhythmic gymnastics champion of Lithuania. Took part in numerous International tournaments. where she won a medal in individual program. As part of the Lithuanian National team took part in European and World Championships. Graduated from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in 2000, and received Master’s Degree in Sports in 2003. Since 2004 Svetlana teaches rhythmic gymnastics at M.K. Ciurlionis School for the Arts and since 2009 teaches gymnastics at Egle Spokaitės Ballet School. In 2012 co-founded of school for rhythmic gymnastics with the business partner K. Sliesoraitiene.