Vilnius Youth Ballet Competition is held annually in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is the unique in the Baltic States competition for the very youngest ballet soloists. Our intention and goal is to discover, anveil and promote the young talent, give the stage and opportunity and stage for the young ballet students in order to foster their growth, help them reach their potential. This is also an excellent opportunity to forge collaborative relationships. This is the place for the students and their teachers to interact in an informal setting, exchange experiuences and perhaps come up with the new ideas and projects.

The competition is dedicated to the children learning the art of ballet. Individual preparation for the competition, stage performance and compoetition allow the mastery of the student to grow. Thus student’s artistic, physical and psychological qualities are unveiled.

This competition differs from the copious other festivals, where solo and group performances are about the joy of dance itself. Performance of Compulsory Variations allows for more objective competitive judging to occur.

The compulsory variations are created by best Lithuanian ballet pedagogs and are different every year. They allow for the students to demonstrate their academic abilities, mastery and artistry. The very youngest dancers will expand their dance world with new friends. During the competition, seminars will take place, Lithaunian and worldwide ballet workshops and schools will be highlighted.